While well known within the automotive industry as being one of the top providers of new take-off, reconditioned, and used factory original wheels, our focus is people. We always say, "If you build it with good people, everything else will come." So with one of the largest stock OEM steel and alloy wheel inventories in the U.S.A., it’s really the PEOPLE THAT COUNT. Happy customers and great employees working with dedicated vendors are what make a company great, and every day we strive to earn the mantle as one of those great companies.

In 1987 a few of us started as USED RIM, LLC and later founded EveryRim, LLC in 2007. At that time with just two of us, we started over with zero wheels and zero customers but that’s when the fun started. In 2009 we purchased many assets of 50 year old Acker Wheel – Stock Wheels Only of San Jose, CA. and soon after we had proudly laid claim to having over 100 years of combined wheel experience and a whole lot of OEM rims. And it was so gratifying that our old friends from tire stores, collision repair shops, insurance companies, and auto salvage yards were doing business again! Later in 2015 we shattered the experience mark, now with the acquisition of the 60 year old legendary company, Capital Original Wheels of Gardena, CA adding even more great people! (PEOPLE – PEOPLE – PEOPLE!

Oh yes it’s true that with more than 25 people now, we are experienced in the nuances of buying and selling original equipment used rims, but again, we’ll take a good person over just an experienced stock wheel person any day of the week! We always look forward to our customer’s and vendor’s input and if at any time you do not feel our "people first philosophy", please ask for a manager. Our President is always available as well. In fact, an old joke of his is, "I like taking phone calls because we pay our bills!"