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Sell Your Stock Wheels

How to sell used wheels! 

1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels makes selling your factory rims and used wheels quick and easy. With our RimText System Wheel Dealer Program, our website, and a great team of OEM wheel experts, we make it easy to sell your rims for cash.

Please note, we only accept factory original wheels and OEM rims. We do not buy or sell aftermarket wheels. 

Sell Your Used Rims through RimText

Used original steel and alloy rims

Our RimText system is an industry favorite because it’s simple to use with quick results. Just take a photo of your wheel and send it to 951-RimText (951-746-8398) along with “selling.” Within minutes, you will receive your wheel quote. If you have multiple wheels, just pull one of each kind and take a photo of them. You don’t need to identify the wheels because our experts will already know what they are. We will tell you right away what your wheels are worth. And of course you may purchase stock replacement wheels using RimText. Helpful tip! If this is your first time using 951-RimText, be sure to include your name and company so our sales team can save your information.

Selling Used Wheels with our Wheel Dealer Program

Our wholesale site, is a great way to not only purchase stock wheels, but also to sell take-off wheels. Searches are made easy using part numbers or by entering the make, model, and year. Once you have selected your wheel, click on the last green box where it says, “Core return is not required. Inquire about the value of takeoffs and cores.” Within minutes, our team will contact you with a potential purchase quote on your take-off factory wheels.




If you have a list of wheels or pictures, you may email the sales team directly at Our team will review the list, let you know the value of each wheel, and then you decide which ones you’d like to sell. Should you ever need immediate answers, call us directly at 1-800-383-7974.

Additional info on selling your original equipment wheels:

  • Wheels must be OEM take-offs.
  • Although we do buy some wheels with bends and dings, it is extremely important that you check each wheel on a wheel balancer so that you represent to us exactly what you have. Some bent wheels are still valuable, but not all.
  • You are always free to come directly to our warehouse in Santa Fe Springs, CA to drop off your wheels.
  • Upon request, we do provide shipping labels to make selling easier.
  • You will receive your payment promptly.