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Should you buy used rims?

Why should you buy a used wheel? 


Used stock original wheel warehouse

A straight used stock wheel that has been carefully inspected may be a good option compared to a reconditioned rim or new take-off wheel. You may prefer a used OE rim over a reconditioned replacement wheel if the vehicle is older or if your customer is on a budget. Here at 1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels, we are experts on factory original rims and we can help you with a variety of condition options.

While we do deal in recons and new take-offs, you may not need that “like-new” wheel. A used factory wheel costs significantly less than a reconditioned or take-off wheel and your customer may just need a functional replacement that stays within their budget. 

If a person owns a much older car, more than likely they may not want a shiny new wheel that will stick out from the other three rims. Our inventory of used wheels are graded with our 12-tier grading scale which categorizes based on the wheel’s condition. This easy to understand grading scale takes into account brand new rims that have never been mounted to a wheel that is worn but a perfect choice for many older cars. 


1-800EveryRim spin checking steel oem wheel


We thoroughly inspect each and every wheel before adding it to our vast inventory to ensure that it is straight and serviceable.

While there are more reasons why a used wheel may be preferred for your truck or car, it ultimately comes down to the look and cost of the wheel. 1-800EveryRim has one of the largest inventories of stock original wheels in the US and we make both buying and selling steel and alloy a simple task, here are three ways to sell your take-off wheels

1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels knows what to look for when buying used rims!

Through our OEM wheel wholesale site,, you will find the exact wheel your customer needs. You may search year, make, and model, the OEM wheel part number, or Hollander Wheel Guide interchange number. In conjunction with our live inventory, you can send a request directly to the warehouse to see a picture of the exact wheel you’re inquiring about. For a quick wheel quote, utilize our RimText system by texting a picture of your wheel(s) to 951-RimText (951-746-8398). Just let us know whether you're buying or selling and one of our OEM wheel experts will get back to you within minutes, learn more about our RimText system here