Ordering Used Wheels Made Easy

Friday, June 26, 2020

What makes 1-800EveryRim one of the best wheel companies on the West Coast!


1-800EveryRim shipping wheels

We buy and sell original take-off wheels, used stock steel and alloy rims, OE reconditioned wheels, new replica rims, all with the service you deserve! Here at 1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels, we maintain a massive inventory and it’s all displayed on our wholesale wheel portal. Take-off wheels are one of our specialties since reconditioned wheels are simply not needed in every situation. As a trusted source for both selling and buying factory original rims all over the USA, our discerning customers include tire stores, collision repair shops, insurance adjusters, auto recyclers, auto repair shops, and fleet accounts. 

1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels gives you EveryRim and RimText

Our site,, displays a live inventory of factory original equipment wheels graded from reconditioned to used, to like-new take-offs, and even repairable cores. We are one of the only OEM rim companies that does this because we want you to have a choice! And why is a live inventory so important? It is because being in an industry with so many variations of products that all appear to be the same, when we say we have it you know we have the EXACT stock wheel you are looking for…IN OUR OWN WAREHOUSE! Many customers use our RimText system (951-746-8398). Just text a pic of what you are buying or selling and don’t bother to identify it. We already know what it is!

1-800EveryRim OEM wheel grading scale

In addition, as we display the various grades of our OEM replacement wheels online, customers can take advantage of seeing precise descriptions of used and new take-off inventory and can even request pictures of the exact wheel to be shipped. Again, does all of this and more! In fact, our website will eventually install a tire on the wheel for you...JUST KIDDING about that last part! But truly, we are all in to serve you!

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