Sell Your Stock OEM Take-off Wheels

  • We buy used and new take-off OEM stock factory original alloy and steel wheels only.
  • The easiest way to get started is to send a picture of your rim/wheel or even many different types of rims all in the same picture to 951-RimText (951-746-8398). If you have a list, email to or, of course, you may call 1-800EveryRim (1-800-383-7974) and ask for a buyer.
  • When quoting a customer on a custom tire/wheel package, you may wish to get an upfront quote from us on the value of your customer’s stock take-off wheels. This allows your store to “build in” a trade-in allowance into the overall tire/wheel package. You’ll have a better chance to make that high dollar sale when you make a fair offer for take-offs, especially on high end vehicles!
  • We can provide shipping labels. Just ask!
  • Payments will be mailed to you in the form of a check within 3 business days after we receive your wheel(s).
To the right is the grading scale we use in house when purchasing, but again you can easily start with a quick communication to us. We just want you to be aware of our process before any transaction has been initiated. Rest assured that we will communicate all of the important information during quotation. Also keep in mind that the first thing we do when we receive a wheel is inspect it for trueness. Finally, inspect the bead area for any pitting, corrosion, or peeling. Be safe and doublecheck because many times this kind of damage can cause a wheel to be of no value.

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Grading Scale
NEW Brand new. Never mounted. No flaws on front or back of wheel.

LIKE NEW Looks brand new but has been mounted. No flaws on face of wheel. What you would expect if you bought a new car from the dealer. May have some brake dust on the back or mounting residue on rim flange.

VERY GOOD Looks new from a 10' (ten foot) distance. Minor scratch on lip at worst such as a barely noticeable wheel weight mark. Typical new take-off.

VERY GOOD Looks new from a 10' (ten foot) distance. A few very minor scratches. Imperfections on the center area and or lip area.

GOOD Noticeable scratches at a 10' (ten foot) distance, but just a few. Good at first glance. No major scrapes. Bright uniform finish.

GOOD Has minor curb scrape, but no missing metal. Otherwise "B" grade. OK for chrome plating with no repair work.

POOR Many scratches and or scrapes and or pits. Poor finish. Very worn wheel. OK for chrome plating, but may not re-chrome well.

DINGED Indented metal up to .5" (one half inch). Otherwise "B" grade or better. Safe for use. No damage to bead area. Would need repair before chrome plating.

DENTED Indented metal greater than .5" (one half inch). Poor finish as "C" grade. Safe for use. No damage on bead area. Would need repair before chrome plating.

Raw or stripped, No paint on wheel

Paint is no match at all to OEM finish. Could even be a different color.

Bent but can be repaired.

Junk or Scrap