OEM Wheel and Used Rim Services

Our Service Makes It Easy to Buy 1, 4, or 400!


OEM Steel & Alloy Wheels - Used - New Take-offs - Reconditioned - Replicas

Buying factory original wheels from us is easy. Whether you make a phone call, use our OEM wheel wholesale site at, or text a picture to our RimText system at 951-RimText (951-746-8398), you won't make a mistake! We are not just order takers. Knowing where the pitfalls lie and making you aware are essential parts of the way we conduct business. Our website displays important notes to help, and yet you still may get a call from us just to confirm. Anyone can take an order, but we know how to fill it! We simply will not let you make a mistake!

Our one-acre facility features a large inventory and it’s all available online. Login at

We Buy Take-offs!

Do you have a mountain of take-off wheels? Don’t make it an endless project that never gets done. Simply grab a batch of different wheels, place them in a group, and send us pictures. You don’t even need to ID them because we already know what they are! You can send pictures to 951-RimText (951-746-8398) or Whether it's 4 or 400, start with some pictures and let’s see where we’re at! If you do have a list with part numbers, of course you can email it to us. Also, when you are quoting the sale of custom wheels, take advantage of our quick quote service and offer trade in value to your customer. Make some bucks on the trade in while lowering your customer’s overall cost. Text a picture of just one wheel to our RimText system, say “selling 4”, and we’ll get you a quote within minutes!

Here's more on how you can sell your take-off wheels and how to tell if your wheels are Original Equipment

Used and Take-off Inventory as a Service

While many of our awesome competitors offer reconditioned wheels only, we offer both take-offs and refinished wheels. Some consumers simply don’t need a new looking wheel that may seem “too nice” on an older car and not to mention more expensive. For instance, our “B Grade” wheel, while having a minor scratch/scuff or two, is nice and shiny, and of course is a straight, serviceable wheel! And our “C Grade”? Well it won’t be pretty, but it might be perfect for the right customer…And CHEAP! By providing wheels in a variety of conditions, we can service any customer need.

Center Caps by the Thousands!

Pricing on center caps is excellent! Text a picture to 951-RimText (951-746-8398), email or give us a call.

Quick Nationwide Shipping – Plus Same Day Local Delivery

1-800EveryRim Wheel Wholesale Nationwide Delivery Services

Drawing from our huge Los Angeles area inventory of both steel and alloy factory original wheels, we ship all over the U.S.A. with most orders being promptly shipped on the same day.

1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels local wheel wholesale delivery area

LA County, Orange County, and Inland Empire customers can expect same day delivery on most orders when placed by 9:30 a.m.

Alloy Wheel Repair, Reconditioning, Refinishing

From simple powder coating or a used rim being reconditioned to like-new, these are services we are really good at! With over 150 years of combined factory original wheel experience, we take care of scrapes, scratches, dings, and bent rims quickly and reliably, and with safety as the first consideration. We offer a variety of custom wheel refinishing services including PVD chrome, powder coating, high gloss/polished wheel finishes and color changes. While repair of a customer’s wheel is mainly a local service, many non-local customers do business with us as we offer shipping labels and arrange pick-up. Service! - One of the frustrations in the stock wheel remanufacturing business is that a shop will find out way later that their wheel is not repairable . . .Well, not here! The first thing we do is carefully inspect the wheel to make sure that it can be safely repaired and refinished. If the wheel is non-repairable, we can usually offer a replacement wheel from our vast inventory. We make it easy, get it done right, and right on time!

Tips to give you an idea of what is and is not a repairable rim